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  • Wendler 5/3/1 log
  • Wendler 5/3/1 log
  • Wendler 5/3/1 log
  • Wendler 5/3/1 log
  • Wendler 5/3/1 log
  • Wendler 5/3/1 log
  • Wendler 5/3/1 log
  • Wendler 5/3/1 log
  • Wendler 5/3/1 log
Description of Wendler 5/3/1 log

No more fiddling around with printed spreadsheets at the gym. This 531 app will help to manage your 531 workout program.
This app generates the 5 3 1 workout program based on your current lifts.
A detailed overview of cycles including sets, reps and weights are calculated.

★★★This app is not affiliated with Mr. Wendler(creator of the program). Please buy his book(s) to fully utilize the ideas behind 531! ★★★

This is a trial version.
In-app purchase allows to remove the restrictions and allow to log unlimited number of Wendler cycles.

Full working trial for 1 Wendler 531 cycle :
★ Calculates one rep max (IRM) based on your current lifts
★ Configurable training max percentage
★ Configurable number of cycles
★ Configurable weekly workout order
★ Warm-up sets included
★ Boring but BIG sets included
★ 16 predefined assistance exercises
★ Possibility to add your own assistance exercises
★ Cycles overview with estimated and achieved one rep max
★ Progress indication of workouts in cycle overview
★ Plates calculator shows the plates to load
★ Rest timer
★ CSV export via email, google drive
★ 2, 3 and 4 day split workout templates.

Pro version )
Logging of:
★ Joker sets
★ Another main lift as Boring But Big
★ First set last ( AMRAP and custom variation )
★ 13 week challenge
★ Editing of completed workouts
★ Configurable warm-up percentages
★ Configurable Boring but big percentages
★ Separate timer values for warm up, main lift, boring but big and first set last
★ Separate timer values for accessory lifts
★ 3/5/1 and 8/6/3 rep schemes added
★ Configurable warm up reps
★ Support for subtracting collar weight

Version history Wendler 5/3/1 log
New in Five3One 17.2
Bug fixes
New in Five3One 16.7
Bug fixes
New in Five3One 16.6
Bug fixes
New in Five3One 16.5
* BBB sets and percentages made configurable.
* Bugfixes.
New in Five3One 16.4
* Google Fit integration added ( in-app purchase )
* Bugfixes
New in Five3One 16.3
* A/B/A B/A/B template added
* Joker sets / reps / increment % made configurable
* Visual indication added for next workouts
* Bugfixes
New in Five3One 16.2
* Bug fixes
New in Five3One 16.1
* Short history accessible for main sets from the workout view
* Bug fixes
New in Five3One 16.0
* Bug fixes
New in Five3One 15.8
Link any other (custom)main lift to BBB/FSL/SSL.
BBB/FSL/SSL can be enabled per lift.
Settings rearranged.
New in Five3One 15.7
* Bug fixes
New in Five3One 15.6
* Bug fixes
New in Five3One 15.5
(Black) Dark mode from the previous update reverted.
New in Five3One 15.4
Possibility to track custom down set added.
Dark mode improved
New in Five3One 15.3
Possibility to track custom 5/3/1 lifts added.
New in Five3One 15.1
* Bug fixes
New in Five3One 14.9
* Configurable number of warmup sets
* Bug fixes
New in Five3One 14.8
* Dark mode added. ( see settings, view )
* Added barweight for assistance exercises.
New in Five3One 14.7
* Notification for Andriod O and P fixed.
* Ability to reset the 5/3/1 percentages in advanced settings.
New in Five3One 14.3
* Bug fixes.
New in Five3One 14.2
* Bug fixes.
New in Five3One 14.1
* Bug fixes.
New in Five3One 14.0
* Bug in 3-day beginner template fixed
* Total workout timer added
* Reps to beat PR updates when changing the weight in the 3rd set
New in Five3One 13.9
* Bug fixes.
New in Five3One 13.7
* Bug fixes.
New in Five3One 13.5
* Bug fixes.
New in Five3One 13.4
* Bug fixes.
New in Five3One 13.3
* Bug fixes.* Adjusting reps/weights in workout view improved.* Weight override stepsize made configurable.
New in Five3One 13.1
* Broken backup fixed.
New in Five3One 12.9
Ability to customize BBB percentages per main exercisesAbility specify round to nearest values per main exercises
New in Five3One 12.8
* UI/Performance improvements.* Bug fixes.
New in Five3One 12.7
* Bug fixes.
New in Five3One 12.6
* Saving workout bug fixed.
New in Five3One 12.4
* Bug fixes.
New in Five3One 12.2
* Bug fixes.
New in Five3One 12.0
* 3 Day beginner template added.* Editing assistance exercise improved.* Graph progression added for assistance exercises.
New in Five3One 11.1
* Setting added to skip deload weeks.
New in Five3One 10.1
* Warm-up sets added to Building the monolith template.* Icons on the main shown according to the selected workout order.* Timer shown on notification/lock screen.
New in Five3One 10.0
* Building the monolith template added.* Bar weight can be set as minimum weight for warm-up weights.
New in Five3One 9.9
* Bug fixes.
New in Five3One 9.8
* Graphs will show Joker 1RM if available.* Simplest strength enabled in 2,3-day templates.
New in Five3One 6.6
New in Five3One 6.5
Pop up added to show when 1RM PR is broken.Reordering of assistance exercise fixed.In-App billing added to upgrade to pro features.
New in Five3One 6.4
★ Joker sets, FSL and Pyramid made available in 2/3 day split templates.★ Boring But Big sets percentages made configurable.★ Bug fixes.
New in Five3One 6.3
★ Bugfixes in overview
New in Five3One 6.1
★ Overview fixed★ Restoring backup fixed★ BBB in history view fixed.
New in Five3One 6.0
★ Ability to select 2 and 3 day split template★ Ability to set 5 cycles forward and 3 backward setting★ Ability to adjust training max percentage after initial setup★ Ability to adjust 1RM from the main screen
New in Five3One 5.6
★ Restriction removed when moving to next week without completing other lifts★ Body weight added to All charts
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